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Lisa PARK SoYoung is a Hong Kong-based, South Korean-born new media scholar, artist, and producer/curator. She works with art and technologies with critical focus on expanding the ontological and cultural grounds of the media art-world.

Weaving through art-making, expanded curation, and academic research, Lisa's medium-agnostic practices come together as an interdiciplinary action research platform. Experimental art, in this case, is envisioned as a context to engage and experiment with alternative cultural perspectives and ontologies that often remain occluded in global media art discourse. She has a BFA (Visual Arts) from York University (2006), and an MFA (2015) and PhD (2022) in Creative Media, at City University of Hong Kong.


  • ISEA-International: Board member & Chair of Development sub-committee
  • Leonardo LASER Hong Kong: Co-Chair at the School of Creative Media (CityU HK)
  • East-meets-East Research Group member (Spearheaded by Art Centre Nabi)


Leonardo Journal, Technoetic Arts Journal, International Symposium of Electronic Arts (ISEA), Consciousness Reframed (China), and RIXC Open Fields (Latvia), Ars Electronica Garden Hong Kong symposium on Post-human Art (2021), Art Centre Nabi's East-meets-East conference at Korean Cultural Centre in London (2022), Open Systems PhD Salon at Art Machines: International Symposium on Machine Learning and Art (2020), New Vision Arts Festival at the Asia Society HK (2021), and on AI and the Arts panel organized by Asia Society Southern California (2023) ++


Ars Electronica Garden HK (2020 & 2021); Open Sky Campus exhibitions (2014-16) and Open Sky Gallery Open call and exhibition for ISEA2016 (2016); FOUNDATION: A Web3 Media Art Festival by Videotage (2022-3); Hybrid HCI Hackathons for future interaction for Smart Glasses in Singapore (NUS, 2022) and Zhejiang (ZJU, 2022) as well as earlier experiences with Fleeting Lights: The 4th Large-scale Interactive Media Arts Exhibition (2014); and Yahoo! Purple Hunt trans-media marketing campaign in the Philippines (2009) ++


Calling this section "art-making", as opposed to "Art", is to foreground the processes of making art, rather than the end-product itself. By experimenting with the process of creation while negotiating real-life considerations, we can glimpse unspoken cultural logic and inclinations in action.

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Based on an expansive and medium-agnostic framing of "art", curation is an immersive, context-specific, and relational art form. It opens up space for dialogue and community building through which new research agendas can emerge and circulate, while opening up 'academic' discussions to an expanded audience.

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My doctoral research envision experimental art praxis as a laboratory to reflect, experiment with, and nurture practices and theories from alternative metaphysical worldview.

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Teaching is an integral part of my advocacy towards a decentralized and ontologically diversified media art-world.

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On playlist:
  1. Collective expansion of Art-world discourse
    At the New Vision Arts Festival, HKACT! Act 10. DAEDALUS DRONES, curated by Osage Foundation (November 2021, @ Asia Society HK)

  2. An intro to the curatorial direction for "Foundation: A web3 media art festival"
    (September 2022, @ Videotage + Distant.Gallery)

  3. Introduction to the design concept of "Foundation: A web3 media art festival"
    (March 2023, @ Videotage + Distant.Gallery)

  4. AI and the Arts: Dramatic Changes and Impacts
    A video excerpt on the need to examine systemic issues inherent in human societies via new technological frames enabled by AI as contextual mirror (March 2023, @ Asia Society Southern California)

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