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My research advocates for an ontologically pluralistic art-world by envisioning experimental art praxis as a laboratory to reflect, experiment with, and nurture practices and theories from alternative metaphysical worldview. To do so is to bring diverse discussions into the capacitating context of experimental art to shape a more judicious body of discourse that is better aligned to local realities, as well to expand future possibilities of our shared world.

Current Research Areas
  1. Envisioning experimental media art praxis as a potentiating action research platform to reflect upon, dialogue with, and experiment with alternative cultural modalities of being.

  2. Investigating how distinct value systems and ontologically determined conceptions such as Art, Creativity, and human selfhood, influences the developmental trajectories of Artificial Intelligence, as well other human-computer-interaction modalities.

  3. Advocacy toward expanding the global art-world discourse and trends to be more equitably global through artistic and research-driven initiatives, multifaceted curriculum, and alliance building.

  4. How can we effectively build, manage, and nurture a more empathic & considerate digital communities on the WWW and (proto-)Metaverses, by engaging it as a site of action research and discourse generation

  5. Building empathic & relationally focused hybrid environments to enhance online-onsite interactions.

On playlist:
  1. AI and the Arts: Dramatic Changes and Impacts
    A video excerpt on the need to examine systemic issues inherent in human societies via new technological frames enabled by AI as contextual mirror (March 2023, @ Asia Society Southern California)

  2. An intro to the curatorial direction for "Foundation: A web3 media art festival"
    (September 2022, @ Videotage + Distant.Gallery)

  3. Introduction to the design concept of "Foundation: A web3 media art festival"
    (March 2023, @ Videotage + Distant.Gallery)

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